A modern knowledge platform offering endless possibilities

Axonify takes into consideration the workings of the human brain and offers a personalized and diversified approach that encourages learning!

Continuous microlearning
Invest 5 minutes per day per employee to provide them with a personalized microlearning approach that will increase their knowledge and confidence and allow them to achieve a high level of performance.

Create learning activities in minutes
Create learning activities with ease using tools that you already use daily: text, videos, images, links and questions that will then be assigned to your employees.

Knowledge-on-demand anywhere anytime
Ensure your employees are always supported to successfully perform on the job by making job aids, videos and other helpful information always accessible through their browser or mobile.

Long-term knowledge retention
Promote long-term knowledge retention thanks to repetitive reinforcement questions that become increasingly challenging with time, focusing on the subjects that have an impact on organizational performance.

Personalized learning
Respect the learning pace of each individual through an algorithm that identifies knowledge gaps and bridges them with reinforcement questions, and then gradually offers new training activities.

Social learning
Facilitate and encourage knowledge sharing by offering a way for employees to ask questions, post documents and discuss with their colleagues within communities formed around mutual interests.

Capture the attention of your employees, motivate them and keep them interested in learning using built-in incentive strategies


Maximize engagement through the use of game mechanics that transform the learning experience into a fun activity and create a desire to return each day


Create friendly competitions between individuals and teams and stimulate the desire to outperform.


Reward your employees through the points they accumulate by participating. These points are redeemable against prizes or privileges that you choose according to their interests.

Avatar (coach)

Provide a coach for your employees to encourage them in their adventure and constantly give them feedback on their performance.

Capture attention

Capture the attention of employees by offering them an experience that utilizes short video games to maximize information retention


Be aware of the achievements of your colleagues and congratulate them for their achievements.

Measure and evaluate performance in real-time

Make sure knowledge is retained
Monitor knowledge lift and retention using the analytics on reinforcement questions as they repeat through time.

Know in real-time who knows what
Access analytics and reports that give you detailed information in real time on the level of knowledge of each individuals or group in each of the learning topics.

Identify your experts
Identify your experts and engage them in helping colleagues or creating training material.

Give your employees ownership of their development
Give your employees immediate and constant feedback on their level of knowledge and give them the ability to further their development on the topics they have not mastered.

Confirm that learning has impacted behaviour
Confirm that learning has generated desired behaviour through a feature that allows you to observe behaviour, report on observations and then automatically reassign related training and reinforcement activities if required.

Survey your employees
Leverage the high-participation levels achieved with Axonify to survey your employees on their opinions and measure their levels of satisfaction.

Simple and affordable

Achieve significant savings on costs associated with traditional training models thanks to our flexible and agile knowledge platform that is user-friendly and easy to implement.

For all types of businesses

Our solution is an ideal fit for both small and large businesses, and will help meet objectives regardless of your industry.

Consumer goods

Boost sales through increased sales staff product knowledge. Offer better customer service by continuously training your customer-facing workforce.

Finance and insurance

Maximize effectiveness and reduce costs related to certification and conformity training. Increase agility in adapting to new standards and regulations.

Service industry

Improve the quality of customer service by ensuring that your employees demonstrate higher levels of expertise and exemplary customer approach.

Customer service/Call centre

Ensure your call center agents have the knowledge and competencies to allow them to better manage customer issues and behaviour.


Train or reinforce training of your professionals on new equipment, procedures, standards and guidelines whenever and wherever it is most convenient to do so.


Build the ability to effectively engage your workforce, ensure high levels of product knowledge, and standardise customer experience regardless of turnover rates, geographical dispersion, evolving product lines and promotion, extended business hours and different time zones.

Supply Chain

Train employees on operating procedures to reduce expensive errors and attain operational excellence.

Information Technology

Keep employees up to date in this rapidly evolving sector. Facilitate adoption of new technologies, processes and practices.


Increase productivity and achieve higher quality by facilitating access to documentation as well as sharing of best practices throughout your plants, shifts and lines.

For all your needs
  • Administration
  • Soft-Skill Development
  • Supply chain & Distribution
  • Production
  • Health and Safety
  • Customer Service
  • Sales
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Our team of experts in business transformation and change management will ensure a smooth transition during your implementation of Axonify. Whether it be with a turnkey solution or on a consulting basis, Synapse will accompany you, step by step, in the successful development of your organisation.

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