Can I upload unlimited content?

Yes, there are no costs related to the volume of content

Is it fast and easy to add content (videos, documents, questions)?

Yes, even people who are not comfortable with technology can easily add content.


Can I create surveys?

Yes, the surveys are anonymous, you can decide the number of questions that will be released each day and the results are available in real time.

Can I create learning paths?

Yes, you can create training programs and offer personalized courses to each user.

Can the training content, surveys and communication be assigned to specific groups or individuals?

Yes, all content can be assigned by: the business unit, department, title or area of interest.

Can I manage my own certifications?

Yes, the platform ensures that certification occurs before the specified due date and allows managers to know in real-time who has completed the certification.


Can I personalize the platform?

Yes, you can add your logo and customize the buttons and the environment with your business colors.

Can I have my own domain?

Yes, as long as the dedicated platform option is selected, each company has its own domain name.

I can customize the platform for each of my business units?

Yes, you can have different logos and different colors for each business unit ( or line of business).


Can I import/export data?

Yes, you can import data from other systems and export Axonify data to Excel file (CSV).

Can this platform be integrated with other platforms?

Yes, using REST interfaces (APIs). Integration with is already in place.


Is it possible to deploy the solution without adding technological infrastructure?

Yes, Axonify is a Software as a Service(SaaS), the only requirement is Internet through a browser or a mobile device.

Will the application work on my Apple or Android mobile device?

Yes, you just need to install an application that is available in iPhone App Store or Google Play

Is it possible to authenticate ourselves on the platform through "Active Directory"?

Yes, integration with AD or other similar services is supported through SAML 2.0


Synapse provides technical assistance in which language?

Synapse offers French and English support. Partners can provide support in other languages if required in other countries.

Will Synapse Human Capital accompany me with the program implementation?

Yes, Synapse experts will accompany your team in developing the training strategy including the use of game mechanics, the use of collaboration functions, the use of advanced platform features and change management during the implementation.

Is it possible to become self-reliant managing the platform?

Yes, Synapse experts can train your internal resources in becoming completely self-sufficient in the management of the platform.

Can Synapse Human Capital manage the platform for us?

Yes, we offer all the necessary services

How long does it take to implement the platform?

The required time to implement varies according to the size of the project, the existing content and the availability of internal resources, but a 6 week implementation for the first group of users and content is common.