Case Studies


Axonify is helping Walmart deliver on their vision of taking their Logistics organization from a place of strong safety performance to the world’s best. With over 75,000 associates on the platform daily, they’re seeing lasting behavioral change, a world-class safety culture and dramatic reductions in incidents.

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Bloomingdale’s started rolling out the Axonify eLearning platform to their Associates in 2012 to drive continuous learning. In just minutes a day, members of their diverse workforce receive training that is fun, engaging and measurable. Both employee feedback and results have been outstanding.

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Ethicon (a J&J Company) leverages the Axonify platform to provide daily reinforcement of the training that their clinical sales reps receive during their various learning events, as well as push out new content as required. By adding Axonify to their learning ecosystem, Ethicon has increased overall knowledge levels, boosted rep confidence and increased their effectiveness during customer engagements.

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Southeastern Grocers (SEG), parent company and home of BI-LO, Harvey’s and Winn-Dixie grocery stores, is the fifth-largest conventional supermarket chain in the US throughout seven southeastern states. SEG employs nearly 66,000 associates who serve customers in 756​ grocery stores, 145 liquor stores and 504 in-store pharmacies.

Axonify is enabling SEG to tie learning to metrics, specifically around revenue, customer service scores, shrink and incident rates. Moreover, the Axonify platform is delivering learning that is consistent across SEG properties, helping to advance the organization’s goals of providing one unified, educated voice.

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