Much more than a platform

Our difference? We don’t just sell a platform. We are offering the expertise of our multidisciplinary team that possesses a solid experience in organizational development, human resource management, change management, training, business transformation, and improvement of business processes.

Our Services

The all-inclusive « Synapse » formula

  • Access to the Axonify platform
  • Analysis of your business needs by our strategists
  • Training & change management strategy
  • Personalization of the platform and support in the creation of content
  • Presence throughout the implementation of the creative solution
  • Continued support, evaluation, analysis and recommendation

Consulting Services “à la carte”

  • Analyse des besoins d’affaires
  • Analysis of your business needs
  • Training and change management strategy
  • Training on the use of the platform and the creation of content
  • Accompaniment leading to the client becoming self-sufficient
  • Generic content and programs, for example:
    • Leadership, communication and other soft skills
    • Health and safety o Recognize and avoid workplace harassment
    • Handling of hazardous materials
  • Administration of the platform
  • Implementation support
  • Content development

Axonify Plateforms Available

Synapse Platform

Synapse Platform

Shared (multiple-clients)
Administered by Synapse (turnkey)
Synapse URL

Advantageous price structure for smaller volumes (25 – 1000)

Dedicated Platform

Dedicated Platform

Dedicated (single-client)
Administered by the client (self-sufficient) or by Synapse
Client URL

Advantageous price structure for larger volumes (1000 and more)

Axonify Subscription plans

« Premium » Subscription

  • Training and reinforcement

« Enterprise » Subscription

  • Training and reinforcement
  • Behaviour
  • « Discovery Zone»
  • Surveys
  • Certifications