Driving business performance to new heights

The biggest challenge for companies today: mobilizing human capital around corporate objectives, sharing and optimizing the knowledge of each team member in order to achieve higher levels of performance and stand out from the competition.


Train and communicate efficiently
with your employees,
wherever they are, at a low cost

Increase product and service knowledge 
among your employees

Facilitate the understanding and
implementation of new procedures

Standardize processes and the
client experience across different service centres

Mobilize your employees during a
change in organizational culture

Create a positive work environment that is enjoyable and open to change

Synapse presents Axonify

A revolutionary knowledge platform

Based on the latest brain-science research, the Axonify platform delivers exceptional results, all while measuring employee knowledge in real-time.

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How it works


Deliver daily personalized, bite-sized “gamified” learning content in the form short videos and reinforcement questions

  • Promotes and maintains increased interest and attention
  • Allows for identification of knowledge gaps at a granular level
  • Develops training content at a faster rate

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Personalized learning

Constantly validate the level of knowledge of each individual and quickly fill in the learning gaps by offering personalized content.

  • Measure actual knowledge retention of employees on an ongoing basis
  • Allows for observation of on-the-job behaviour leading to automatic personalization of reinforcement
  • Offers detailed performance analytics and reports

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Promotes engagement, healthy competition and the desire to surpass oneself.

  • Rewards
  • Point accumulation
  • Leader boards
  • Social interaction
  • Newsfeed
  • Immediate feedback
  • Progression to higher level
  • Games

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The only authorized distributor in Quebec

Synapse is Quebec’s only Axonify authorized distributor of the world’s first Employee Knowledge Platform.

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Synapse is committed to elevating your company’s human capital performance to new heights, regardless of your industry, the size of your business and the organizational challenges you face.

Why Synapse

Our difference? We don’t just sell a platform. We offer the expertise of our multidisciplinary team that possesses a solid experience in organizational development, human resource management, change management, training and business processes improvement.

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